Social Media Images Form a New Language Online

Social Media Images Form a New Language Online

From the Paleolithic drawings of the Lascaux Cave in France to the fleeting pictures of Snapchat, managed in an office near the beach in Venice, Calif., in 20,000 years or so we continue to express ourselves through images.


“Delight lies somewhere between boredom and confusion.”

“However we analyze the difference between the regular and the irregular, we must ultimately be able to account for the most basic fact of aesthetic experience: the fact that delight lies somewhere between boredom and confusion.” EHG, 1978

On man-made order

“Regularity (in design) is a sign of intention.The fact that (lines) are repeated shows that they are repeatable and that they belong to culture rather than nature…They are formations echoing and stabilizing the activity of a constructive mind.” EHG, 1978

Gombrich on the enjoyment of symmetry

“Luckily it is a mistake to think that what cannot be defined cannot be discussed. If that were so, we could talk neither about life nor about art…The arrangements of elements according to similarity and difference and the enjoyment of repetition and symmetry extend from the stringing of beads to the layout of the page in front of the reader, and, of course, to the rhythms of movement, speech and music, not to mention the structures of society and the systems of thought.”   ~EHG, 1978Image